Unanswered Questions

What if?

I love you more than I love my life.

What if?

The life I live never changes to what you want it to be.

What if?

I don’t want to live up to my potential.

What if?

I don’t turn out to be what you’d like me to be.

Would you still love me?

I can already feel that you love me

When you get mad at my actions I feel that you love me.

I see the indecision in your eyes,

I can’t see if I’ve made you cry, but I can feel your pain through the sky

Am I truly the one to blame?

Why can’t you just say?

I won’t use this to my advantage

I promise this to you yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever.

I just need to know that you love me

I need to feel that you need me

Show me that you love me

That way I can stay

When I’m not needed, my time I rather not waste

I can’t read your mind.

I’m sorry even before I’ve hurt you

This is why my flaws are the first to surface

I let you see them on purpose and I choose to love your imperfections on purpose.


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