Life can be unfair.

It’s fucked up how life sometimes takes turns that are seemingly unjust. As a North Grand student it’s been now 4 students that I’ve known that have gotten killed. One had a gang affiliation, the other got runned over on his bike, and two got killed seemingly because their identity was mistaken. The last one to have gotten killed was for many years my next door neighbor and was a person I talked to many times. Isaac was a smart guy. He was also carrying the load for his family. His father has a tumor and is battling disease. The news hit me hard and I’m still trying to process it. This event has yet again found a way to show me how valuable our lives are. As of today I’ve been sober for 5 months and I’ve been trying to make myself a better person by getting the help I’ve needed for many years. This event has also shown me that many of us need to try to live better lives, one way can by picking better people to associate ourselves with. Life is unfair sometimes, but we have to make the most of it.  


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