No tears

And now every time I listen to Video Games by Lana del Rey 

I wanna cry 

Today my mind is right.  

We haven’t talked in months 

And fuck, it feels like years 

That was fast

Too fast

I hate fast

Thanks for helping me face so many fears, 

I haven’t cried tears, 

I’m dry, 

But it’s alright, right?

I remember that night when you 

sang Video Games 

You sang it, 

Whatever happens will happen 

It will only be what you want 
Because I said then and I’ll say it again

I’m willing to try if you are willing to try. 

I’m crazy, I’m bipolar disorder crazy, now I know I’m crazy, 

If you can put up with me and compromise, I’ll compromise. 

If not it’s alright

Everything will be alright because you’ll forget me
You forgot me. 

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