Oh what a day,
As you see yourself in a mirror today.
That beauty you see,
So glorious but full of disdain,
You are vain!
Those you think are ugly
Have the beauty you can’t understand.
Because of this,
True love you won’t have,
Today nor ever.
True beauty,
The one you’ll meet 30 years from today.

Today as 30 years have passed,
You lay on your cold bed,
In your dark room you cry,
Wanting to die,
Because of the love you lost.
All of this because of your flirtatious way,
You thought I was your pray,
But nay, your hair is now gray.
As you wake, in the mirror you see your face.
It differs from the one you saw before,
In this mirror a glimpse of your soul you see,
It’s dark, louder than a dog’s constant bark, in a park.
True beauty you only saw today,
But it’s all too late,
Because as of now your last breath you take.


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