We don’t deserve me. 

They say Wright I should leave,

like a duckling I weave,
thinking about wether or not school is for me,
I feel like Nick Miller from New Girl.
I don’t like society’s impositions on me,
I want to be me,
but it seems to me,
that all my dreams 
are being drowned by a conformist society. 
As I detach myself,
I hurt others by being me, 
I sometimes don’t care,
empathy I lack at times
But the care my parents brought me up with
says I should care,
I try to care  
And at night I feel guilt
God, I has built.
Selfish he is too
but I’m not omnipotent,
I can’t compare I to him
He’ll judge me.
I understand that my desires are seen as shallow,
but them I’ll follow,
At the expense of being portrayed as hollow,
I’ll disregard the fact that at the end for me hell might follow. 

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