Voices in my Head

I’ve got a tortured mind
Life won’t be kind, to me!!!
Could it be?
I didn’t do drugs today
I did things the old way
I woke up, in the middle of the night
Just to narrate this fight.

My mind is in a state of decay,
Full of dismay
From the many thoughts
Of yesterday, today, and the ones of tomorrow day.
Tortured mind
Let me rest
It’s for the best
Stop and relax,
for a second
Or a millisecond
My mind screams,
“Crazy you are destined to be, so let it be!”
I can’t let my tortured mind win,
I think of Edgar Allan Poe’s tortured mind and I hear my brain recite,
“I don’t want to live his life.”
Tortured mind be kind, please be kind, oh be kind.
Voices, I hear voices!!!


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