Wondering mind

Vivid image.

As I see the spring from far away,

All I can see is a vivid smile,

With the reminder that a thinking mind will fry.

There is no other choice but to smile,

Smile at the trees, because we can’t know for how long they will be

Smile at the water, because we can’t live without it.

Smile at the winter, because only then we can appreciate the summer.

Smile at your love, because it might last.

Smile at your pain, because it might not last.

Smile at your detractors, because Jesus had detractors.

I’m a detractor of Jesus too.

Not by choice

I promise that’s the truth.

I know many of his words, but I can’t follow one and I forget to follow number two.

Smile, because it is alleged that there is one truth,

Whether the name is Yahweh or Jehovah.

Whether God is his name or there are 100 names or none,

Regardless of these theological themes

Smile, because you believe in a consoling truth.

Smile, because your mind will not fry and I’ll say goodbye to mine.


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